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Right on Uranus.

The angels wanted you to know. She leans closer to my chart, which looks like a pizza.

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We have to sew up security a little tighter. Life is a learning process. God loves us too much to end it. I am worried about the electrical grid. The way that Miller speaks — digressively and in volumes — is also the way that she writes. Neptune will bring all the pixie dust you could ever want! Shopping tips included. Unless everybody is strong, nobody is strong. You see it coming. It was my good leg that went flying — I landed in a backward L and they thought I would bleed to death.

It was during one of these spells — one summer when she was 9 or 10 — that Miller, flushed with frustration, told her mother that she wished her bad leg had been given to someone else. And my mother was right. The lessons took place as a teen, when Miller was convalescing from surgery, and continued while she attended NYU. After she graduated, there were stints in marketing and ad sales and a marriage, long ago, and two children, now adults , and a career turn as a successful photo agent who did recreational chart readings in her spare time.

One day, after suggesting that an acquaintance enter a contest, the acquaintance bought a raffle ticket, won a Porsche, and subsequently coaxed Miller into making her charts public.

The world is a dangerous place for someone with her condition. On a cold December afternoon, Miller is working at her home, a three-bedroom apartment with a south-facing view of the Chrysler Building. A wreath with gilded pinecones marks the door, and inside there is more of the same: candles, flowers, baskets of pinecones, holiday cards, glittering snowflakes strung up above the dining table. Miller is short of breath and not feeling good. Atypically for Miller, the TV is off. Eventually, she was taught to make coffee instead. A typical day at headquarters begins at a.

Then Miller heads to the gym for a fitness class or a session on the elliptical machine, then to the bank in person to withdraw cash and mail out checks, then to buy fresh fruit, and finally back home, where she sets up on the sofa and works straight through the day and into the night.

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She was audited last year. We talk for hours, and as the sun sinks lower, pinpricks of light twinkle on through the living-room window.

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I compliment Miller on the view. God gave me a nice apartment. Trentacoste Trentacoste is her maiden name. As the sky darkens, I realize that I will have to excuse myself at some point, because Miller will never, ever ask me to leave. As long as New York has been home to confused people, it has been home to charlatans, and as long as it has been home to confused middle-class people, it has been home to astrologers.

But until recently, it was almost axiomatic that to be a worldly New Yorker meant to be skeptical of astrology. This is no longer true.

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Miller handles skeptics or future fans charitably. Her loving, optimistic style is what readers enjoy most about her work. Susan Miller founded her popular website Astrology Zone in , a site visited by I have been following Susan for my entire adult life.. I have her books, her app and Someday I hope to meet her. Astrology for me, is a personal, scientific, metaphysical, and spiritual journey, that's as wondrous as our zodiac. Sudan really knows focused on my path ahead, never scolding or judging my mistakes, and this year, a landmark at 50, I feel proud and calm and light The app recent reading had warn me on potential negative event that could occur.


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Thank goodness I follow her advice. No wonder why Susan Miller is famous for soo many years. I really appreciate the option to add in another birthdate for additional reading. The subscription cost for is worth every penny. The letter ended with a plug for a bunch of engagements with pricing where you can pay more money to see her, it seemed either disconnected or insincere. It seems like a poor business model, if we are subscribing to a service for content, there should be contingencies and preparation to ensure the content is available when expected.

The whole not dictating it was a cop out. People are paying for a service, you find a way to make it work or refund the month subscription to everyone. I decided to cancel my subscription. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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